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Malaga is art and the sea. Mediterranean wonder that was born to Picasso and that today is a nucleus of life, creativity and incessant fun. It is undoubtedly one of the great holiday destinations in Spain and one of the most recommended for those who want to combine during their days off, a little culture, party and rest at a good price.


Malaga is a must-see Mediterranean destination for every holiday agenda that you can afford. A place to go, at least once in a lifetime. And to that, if you go, you’ll always want to go back. The city is full of possibilities for leisure, business and relaxation, allowing you to organize all types of trips, whether for pleasure or work, with children or as a couple, with family or friends. Malaga always has a plan for everyone.


Many people know it for being the city that was born to the great Picasso and, contrary to what many people think, the artist was very close to this land. His house, in the Plaza de la Merced, where the Picasso Foundation can now be visited, is a good example of this because the artist has always maintained it as a reference and refuge. Nowadays it is one of those tourist points that one has to pass if you come to the city of Malaga to spend a couple of days.


Among the best experiences that one can savor in Malaga capital is to stroll through its old town and sit to enjoy the sun in the squares and terraces. Do not forget to try their typical taverns, with their delicious tapas. Going for some beers in Malaga is an authentic ritual that both locals and visitors share daily, no matter if it is Monday or Sunday, when it comes to vermouth, food, snack or dinner, it always plays a turns as it is.


Larios Street is the meeting point for those who want to experience the nightlife of Malaga. It’s the nightlife street in the capital and locals with drinks and music of all type concentrate here, especially the most commercial ones. Ideal for a drink and dance… or to stay until dawn.


Fiesta, food, museums and art, music, theater, cinema – it has one of the great film festivals in Spain – and the beach, a lot of beaches, some of the best in the Andalusian Mediterranean. The coast of Malaga is pure magic for those who live far from the sea and look forward to disconnecting from their routines in a space surrounded by sand, algae and warm waters. The city beaches in Malaga are very comfortable to take a swim between visits and tours, to eat a good meat skewer next to the shore or to simply walk. They have all kinds of services and are very close to the historic center and the main urban hotels, such as the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga.



The city of Malaga offers spectacular urban beaches where you can enjoy eating a traditional meat skewer on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


In the outskirts and the municipalities near the capital you can find other quieter beaches, with virgin nature and with a more traditional atmosphere. The area of ​​Benalmádena, where you can find spectacular accommodations at a very good price, such as the Vincci Aleysa, is where you can enjoy the classic beaches of Malaga, its typical gastronomy, its relaxed life and its natural surroundings.


Marbella deserves a point apart. This city of glamor and exclusive leisure is the capital of the Andalusian Mediterranean holidays, the jewel of the Costa del Sol. In this area the hotels are more exclusive, in keeping with the purchasing power of those who usually spend their holidays in Marbella. However, there are exceptions that offer high quality accommodation with multiple services at really competitive rates, such as the Vincci Estrella de Mar, a luxury hotel at very fair prices.


To get the best prices is necessary to do a selection process and make an exhaustive search. Always go first to the official websites of the hotels that you are interested in, compare prices with third-party platforms (Booking, TripAdvisor, Expedia…) and you will see that probably the best rate is always on the hotels pages since you save the service fee of the intermediary and, in addition, you get personalized service.

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