Madonna Tour 2015

It’s been a few years since we have seen this pop icon on the road, but she is finally back and ready to perform for all the fans once again! The one and only Madonna tour 2015 officially began about a week ago. You won’t find a better time to purchase tickets and then now, the prices are going to go nowhere but up as her shows go on. We got the date, time, and location of each of her schedule dates below.

She is calling this her rebel hearts tour. She is bringing along a few opening acts in Diplo and Amy Schumer. On a date earlier this year she just put out her 13th album of her career. The ticket prices are soaring on the secondary market. Every single one of her shows is already priced at more than $300 per ticket. Right now she is planning to play live shows in 35 locations. To kick off her concerts she is going to start in North America, and she will continue the North American leg of her tour until October.

After that she will start playing some shows in Europe finally finishing up in the United Kingdom. These dates are going to be taking place in November and winding up in December. Once the new year hits, she is going to play several more legs in overseas nations. In recent years Madonna has been having a lot of financial success during her concerts. Her group of 2012 by performances which she called the MDNA tour, managed to bring in $305 million dollars. She managed to sell over 2 million tickets and played 88 shows total during her MDNA shows. In 2012 this was the most successful tour out of any musician or band that year.

Her sticky and Sweet tour which started off in 2008 and ended in 2009 was also a huge commercial success. Sticky and Sweet was even a bigger success than her 2012 shows. The show was brought in $408 million dollars, and she sold 3 1/2 million tickets. Thanks to sticky and Sweet she is the current record holder for the largest two were in history starring a female artist.

Although prices on the secondary market are high, the Madonna tour 2015 is unlikely to hit any snags in the sales department. With an opening act like Amy Schumer, who is one of the hottest female comedians of our generation, the venues are sure to fill up without issue. Right now, the date with the most expensive tickets is taking place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on October 24. Getting a ticket to see that show will set you back almost $900, and the cheapest possible ticket is just shy of $200.

Even her tickets at her cheapest show in Detroit at the Joe Louis Arena is still pretty pricey. The price of an average ticket is just about $200, and the cheapest possible ticket available for this Detroit show is still just above $50. A lot of are other shows also have average ticket prices of about $500. As the dates get closer, these prices are sure to rise as desperate fans try to get a ticket at the last minute. Don’t be one of those guys and be sure to get a good seat while the prices are still reasonable!